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Want to get stronger, feel better in your own skin, and join a community that fosters positivity and inclusion?

Welcome! You're in the right place.

The philosophy of HardShell Fitness is based on enhancing your quality of life through safe, effective, purposeful movement, and solid wellness education.

We're NOT an organization that believes in the latest fad diet or drill instructor style training session. What we do is grounded in tried and true strength & conditioning methods.

All are welcome.



Looking for a results driven, efficient, quality-based, kick-ass, positive environment that'll push you? I'm excited to meet you!

You'll become better because you want to be better, not because a trainer forces you. I meet you where you're at and we work towards achieving your goals together.

1:1 training, group sessions, certification prep, and classes are all options offered to you. Let's find out what you like!

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